BARSKA Benchmark 25-125×88 Waterproof Straight Spotting Scope – Worth A Read!

As a beginner, it's a daunting task to find a scope that provides good quality as well as High level of spotting pleasure. This scope from Barsaka tries to achieve the best qualities in a good price range. Let’s have a look at its features -


The scope delivers clear view under a range of lighting levels. There is a single coating applied to the lenses to ensure better image quality and light reflection. The 88 mm lens is an excellent choice for day to day applications.


The zoom lens provides up to 125x zooming. However, keep in mind that the image quality will degrade with higher levels of zooming. If you consider the price, the zooming experience is not too bad.


One of the best things about this scope is the waterproofing feature, this is known as waterproofing done right. There is also nitrogen-filled tubes that provide safety from the fog.

The body build quality is also good. There is a rubber layer around the scope to give better grip and protection from scratches and bumps. However, make sure this doesn’t fall from your hand or else the lense will be damaged.

There are two carrying cases and two tripods available with your scope. The cases will break down under 1 year and tripods are not very stable overall.


It’s easy to focus with this lens, but if you’re a beginner, it might take a while to get used to it at first. There is a focus knob on the front, and you can change it by moving the objective lenses to select your best perspective.


Q - What comes in the box?

Ans - in the package you get the following:

Q - How is the magnification quality?

Ans - Although the manufacturer states that the zoom can be 25 to 125 times, the quality of image resolution keeps degrading with each step. The resolution is overall decent to say the most.

Amazon user reviews say that this can work at it’s best for up to 100 yards. And if you go more than this, the details are almost unseeable. If your lens expectation is not much and you just want to have a scope for basic uses, this is a great one.

Q - Why is it difficult to use?

Ans - At the length of 13.2 Inches, The scope is quite long to use comfortably. You have to reach out more than 1 feet to change the focus ring every single time. If the focus ring were closer to the eye and if smoother than it currently is, It would be much more comfortable to use the scope.

Q - How does this work under low light conditions?

Ans- light sensitivity is quite average in this scope. It is perfect to work with on sunny days but don't take this with you if you are going on a rainy day. Everything is almost invisible on the lense if the sky is overcast.

Q - How is the lens quality?

Ans - Multi-coating lenses is a good idea to increase the amount of light entering the lenses and giving a greater, better view. But the lenses of this scope is single coated and the view is less clear than products of this same price range.

Image quality and Resolution are not very satisfactory, and Contrast is also not high. You’ll have a hard time shooting in a black range. Other than this, the focus is excellent and overall good to use in good weather.

Q - How is the build quality and waterproofing?

Ans - The scope is made of aluminum and coated with rubber to protect from bumps and brawls. The lenses are waterproof, and also it is nitrogen shielded to protect from fogs.

Q - How about the Durability?

Ans - The durability is not very impressive. Try to stay away from letting this fall from your hand as it will damage the lenses, and the result will be a big downgrade of image quality.


  • Good optical lenses
  • Some additional accessories
  • Focus is good


  • The lens is too close to the eyes


Overall this is an excellent choice for its price range, according to the reviews. If you’re looking for a good scope in a short budget, the scope could be an excellent choice.

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