5 Best OTF Knife that Are Effective and Not Just for Looks!

Whether it’s for your collection or simply your curiosity, you will fancy OTF knives sooner or later.

OTF knives have just recently started getting their well-deserved recognition, but that doesn’t mean they’re scarce or expensive. You can find these automatic knives in your preferred range.

These are the safer pocket knives to have. While the market is still new and improving, there is no reason to not try one for yourself.

Without a doubt, once you own one of these, it will immediately grab your attention and be your go-to knife.

Therefore, let’s help you get the best OTF knife to get your automatic blade journey started.

Best OTF Knife Reviews

Out-the-front knives aren’t just for looks. Hence, here we have listed the ones that not only look the part but are equally effective.

1. BTI Tools Schrade Viper 3 OTF

BTI Tools Schrade Viper 3 OTF

BTI is already well-known for its exclusive knife designs. Hence, the makers have not disappointed us with their latest tool. The Schrade Viper 3 OTF has a sharp edge to accompany the unique design on its handle.

This product is legal in most places and is not an automatic, so you don’t need to worry about its legitimacy.

To use the blade, simply push the slider, and it will deploy itself. Moreover, there’s a lock for when it’s deployed and for when it’s closed too.

If you can see the red beep on the handle, it means it’s unlocked and can be activated. Turn the switch to cover the dot, then the knife will be locked and can no longer be deployed. Therefore, this product has all the needed safety measures.

The blade used on it is a dagger spear point. On top of that, it’s also double-edged. Therefore, you can use both sides to cut. The edge is really sharp. The whole blade is made of stainless steel. Hence, this is a durable tool.

When it comes to the price, that’s also well within range. Automatic knives are usually expensive; therefore, this is a quality replacement.

One other thing we really appreciate about this is its lightweight body. Although the knife is longer than many, it weighs surprisingly less. Therefore, this is the perfect tool for carrying with you. It also has a pocket clip to help you carry it.

In terms of design, the handle has a unique pattern that fits right into your hand and makes you comfortable right away. The push start might take a bit getting used to, but apart from that, everything else is top-notch.


  • Unique Design and comfortable handle
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Double-sided blade with spear point edge
  • Reasonable price


  • The opening process isn’t the easiest.

2. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS 8.6in S.S. Assisted Folding Knife

Smith and Wesson started carving knives decades ago. With time they developed their technique to match the present demand of automatic knives.

This folding knife deploys almost instantly. Therefore, you have to be very careful when drawing it.

The blade has a jaw-dropping black color that will awe any knife lover. It is composed of black oxide carbon. The material is stainless steel and is reliable.

In addition, the blade has both serrated teeth and a sharp plain edge to make the best out of it.

On top of that, the handle was designed to perfectly align with your fingers. You will adjust to it instantly. There is also a lock to prevent unintended deploying or closures. It is also well constructed with its aluminum body.

This is a knife you can rely on if you were in a survival situation. Whether you’re a survivalist or simply a collector, this one will make it to your list regardless.

Moreover, this is a multipurpose knife accompanied by a glass break and a pocket clip. The pocket clip will make sure it never leaves your side. You can always rely on this knife, no matter the situation you’re in.

You’d think with its solid steel and aluminum construction, this nifty little tool will cost you a fortune, but you’re wrong. It’s priced in an affordable range.

This isn’t a flimsy knife you carry to look tough. This knife is heavy and strong. You can use it cut hard to penetrate surfaces. Hence, its strength and sharpness are great for slicing and cutting.


  • Strong and sharp
  • Affordable price
  • Serrated teeth and flat blade
  • Stainless steel blade along with aluminum handle
  • Handle contours to fingers perfectly


  • The spring release could have been better.

3. Gerber Covert Knife

Gerber Covert Knife

he best features of a knife include easy usability and fast cutting. This knife has held on to those features and built on it.

It’s a simple knife, designed to do exactly what is asked out of a knife. It comes with a super-fast deployment. Adding to that, it also has an advanced blade. The blade includes serrated teeth and razor-sharp plain edge.

Now, the serrated teeth are also very sharp and tough. When you’re cutting hard material, this will be of great use.

Moreover, the titanium coating on top makes it extra tough and resilient. This won’t break down easily.  A common complaint among knife users is how quickly they lose their edge and break down. That is something one doesn’t need to be concerned about regarding this knife.

It also has an overall good construction. The handle is made of g-10. Hence, the handle is durable and very easy to work with. G-10 is only used in quality knives and is ideal for knives because of its lightweight and anti-rust features.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a knife to last a while, this will certainly do it for you.

You can deploy it with one hand and use the pocket clip to put it back easily. This knife is very easy to use and can be carried around with ease due to its lightweight construction.

The price of this is also reasonable and similar to the other products on our list. But where this edges out the others is its simple functioning and easy workability.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Anti-rust and lightweight
  • Plain edge and teeth blade


  • The opening mechanism can be improved

4. TAC Force TF-719BK Assisted Opening Folding Tactical Knife

This one ranks amongst the classiest knives on our list. The straight-edge blade will not only look great but has been modeled following the finest military knives.

It is a favorite of us because it has the looks and the features worth showing off. This thing is made using Australian stainless steel and has one of the finest drop point edges. The edges are extremely sharp and will cut in a flash.

Alongside that, it also deploys in a flash and made for one-handed deployment. In addition, you can lock it just as quickly with the smooth liner lock.

For people looking for modern styled knives, this is a perfect choice. The anti-slip aluminum handle is as comfortable as it is efficient. First of all, it fits into your hands perfectly. But on top of that, it also has a bottle opener and a glass breaker.

With pocket knives, people often question the workability of the attached glass breaker. With this model, we can say for certain that the glass breaker is powerful.

This is a multipurpose knife that you can always use and carry. Like other pocket blades, this one also comes with the pocket clip so you can safely keep it.

But where this knife really stands apart is its price. It is the least priced product that you will find. You might question its durability, but if properly taken care of, it will certainly be well worth it.

Overall, this isn’t a knife you buy precisely for its sharpness even though it’s sharp for its price. However, price and multipurpose use make it a good choice.


  • Inexpensive knife
  • Comes with bottle opener and glass breaker
  • Straight edged with stainless steel
  • Comfortable and safe handle


  • Isn’t the sharpest knife out there.

5. Viper 3, OTF, Black Handle, Bead Blast Blade, Serrated

Schrade SCHOTF3S

Be it axe, hatchets, or knives, Schrade has some of the coolest designs and finest blades. Their blades are as hard as they’re sharp. And if you fancy a blade with both serration and a plain edge, then you will love the Viper 3.

This blade doesn’t only sound sharp, but with the spear point edge, it is actually dead-sharp. But the plain spear point edge is not all you get. It is a well-balanced combination of serrated tooth blades too.

With the spear point, you can cut deep and quick, and with the serrated tooth, you can penetrate hard to cut materials. It works especially well on food that has a hard crust but is soft inside. But the biggest advantage of this blade is the balanced edge makes it very flexible to work with.

Now, the other feature that OTF knives must-have is how efficiently they can deploy the blade. And this one being good on its feet, comes out quickly and smoothly. You won’t be seeing jitters or delay on this.

To make it even better, the handle is made of aluminum. The aluminum helps protect the blade when it’s folded. Also being of rigid construction along with the design on it place it in your hands firmly. If you hold this in your hands, you will feel stronger instantly.

The other things that make this 3rd generation knife even better are its locking mechanism, glass breaker and pocket clip. The locking mechanism is safe, and you don’t have to worry about unintended deploying.


  • Double-edged spear point with a serrated blade
  • Cuts deep and can cut hard material
  • Tough handle with good lock system
  • Quick jitter-free deployment


  • The overall build quality could have been a bit better

Buying Guide for OTF Knives

OTF knives are new and don’t have a whole lot of manufacturers. To top it off, they have the onus of being breakable and shoddy. But that notion is old, and now there are actually many brands making sturdy and durable products.

So, without getting into the debate of their sturdiness, let’s get to the features that actually make an OTF blade worth your while.


When it comes to OTFs their biggest advantage is their quick deployment. Therefore, a good knife should be deployed easily and efficiently.

If there are hitches or glitches when activating, then you probably need to look at another knife.

Along with the deployment speed, you should also consider if it’s safe. You might cut your hand if you aren’t careful or if the knife is designed in an uncomfortable way.


Locks help to prevent accidents. You don’t want your knife closing in on your hands and injuring yourself in the process. Therefore, these locks are very important.

There are many different locks that you may choose from, including mid lock, frame lock. OTF usually comes with switch locks. So, before buying, do check if the lock works properly or not.


There are many types of blades on your knife. Blades determine how well you can use your knife. Depending on the type of grind that is on your blade, it can change how you use it.

Blades that have hollow grinds are usually sharper and can cut a lot deeper as well. However, blades with flat grind have smaller edge; hence, they are always the safer option between the two.

Usually, blades either have a plain edge or a serrated edge. Some blades have both. The serrated edge is better for cutting hard material. A plain edge cuts smooth and deep. Therefore, look into what you need before buying.

Moreover, blades can also have different shapes. Their shape also impacts their effectivity. They can have shapes like a spear point, trail point, straight back, drop point, etc.

Handle Material

It is important to look into the handle material because it determines how comfortably you can use the tool. If the handle is slippery or uncomfortable, it might slip out of your hand and cause an accident.

Handles are made of many different materials and designs. But at the end of the day, you only need to consider if they are comfortable and if they look good. After all, pocket knives also carry the weight of being fashionable, so their looks are just as significant.


1. Are OTF knives legal?

OTF knives are legal in most states, but some states still have a restriction posted on them.

2. Do OTF knives have a double edge?

There are many knives with a double edge, but that is not the only kind. OTF knives can also have a spear point or clip point edges. However, if it activates from the middle double edges are not that uncommon.

3. Are OTFs automatic knives?

Automatic knives usually work with a switch. You press on the switch to deploy the blade. Although automatic knives are not allowed in many states, not all OTFs are automatic. OTFs also have sliders where you simply push it to open the blade.

4. Are these knives prone to breaking?

While the older models were more susceptible, the newer ones you find in today’s market are durable and reliable. They won’t break unless you do heavy-duty work with them.

5. Can you sharp OTF knives?

It depends on the product. Some knives can be sharpened, but most OTFs cannot be sharpened properly.

6. How efficient are the locks on OTFs?

An OTF knife isn’t for stabbing or other forceful use. Therefore, unless you push them hard, chances of the locks failing is very small. Moreover, instances of lock failure is also very little.

Final Words

There isn’t a cooler blade than OTFs, but considering the short lives, people are not very welcoming to them. Hence, we hope this review helped you to get over that misconception.

Also, if you buy the best OTF knife, the chances of it breaking or splitting are thin. So leave the concerns and add them to your collection.

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