How to Catch, Fillet, and Cook Black Drum?

Thinking about catching black drums and have a flavorful fish meal? Then. I will be gladly telling you that it won’t be tough or complicated at all.

You might not be familiar with black drums precisely. So, here I am to expand your knowledge of black drum fishes.

Generally, It’s a chunky, high backed fish with whiskers under the lower jaw. They provide a drumming sound with their air bladder. Hence, the name Black Drum Fish.

It is frequently found around docks, poles, and pillars. But mostly around the bridges. In a young black, you can notice four or five dark vertical bars on their side. Interestingly, it slowly disappears with age.

Through the Gulf state of Mexico, beside the Atlantic coast from New York South, black drums are highly found. But in Texas, it is most plentiful. Also, they can be found in all bay, inshore and offshore of Gulf waters.

Black Drum in Texas

When we hear something like fishing the shallows, we instantly think about Texas black drum. In Texas, you will get abundant of them, and also you will never be disappointed with their sizes.

You will be astonished to know that the Texas record black drum is 30-40 lbs. caught by a fisherman. This hearty fish can live in the shallow water of our bay system. Mostly in between Corpus Christi and Brownsville coasts in Texas.

How to Catch?

Catching a black drum can be an overwhelming and enjoyable outdoor activity. Luckily, it requires less effort, techniques, inexpensive equipment and also can be a delight for anyone.

No matter what is your skill or finance is, you can easily go for catching black drums anytime.

So here, I am going to provide you with the proper ideas and method about catching fish. You don’t need to worry much if you are new at fishing. Concentration is all you need.

Fish Where the Fishes Exist

It will make no sense if you go fishing without knowing where you will go for catching them. Also, all fishes aren't found at the same time or in the same season.

Black drums are found in deeper channel water. Also, in shallow flats through fall and spring. The best time to catch black drum is early in the summer morning. But in more deep water, you need to head in midday summer and winter season.

Easiest Way

The easiest way to catch a black drum is to put a baited hook on the bottom and wait for the drum to swallow it. Once it's trapped in the hook, pull out the bait instantly and store it in an ice stuffed container.

Don't rush when the drum swallows the hook because sometimes it assumes as its trapped. But as soon you jerk off the bait, it makes his way out to escape.

So, you should wait a bit to determine whether the drum is trapped or not. You can sense it when you feel a sudden heavy pressure for a while.

Effective Way

There are some certain effective ways to catch black drums. Let's check them out below.

1. Use Natural Baits

When you fail to get the bite of black drum, use baits. Natural baits are the most effective technique to catch black drum. You need to pick a favorable bait including blue crabs, clams, mussels, shrimps or any other suitable alternative to allow spreading a pleasant odor and taste.

2. Here’s a Trick

Try to pinch the baits, providing more solid scent, so that it can be released into the water.

Go for Spinning Outfit

In shallow water, a solid spinning outfit is appropriate for catching small and medium-sized black drum. It contains the ability to catch up to 20-30 pounds.

The Reel Method

For shallows, try using a medium reel which is capable of holding 15-20 pounds easily. If you intend to catch a large black drum, then you’ll need much heavier gears. Minimum 30 pounds test line will be needed.

Apply Conventional Technique for Black Drums

Nothing can beat a solid conventional rod-and-reel combo, for fishing in deep water and near structure. Conventional tackle offers you to pull away heavy fishes. Also, it works tremendously to catch big bruisers from deep shipping channels.

Catching Black Drum on Fly? Use Flyrods!

Use a solid flyrod which weighs 10-to-12 for catching black drum. You really need to have a far cast for the fly-fishing drum. To that, you will need a flyrod for casting a heavy sinking border and fly too.

Because the less spooked drums are,they are more likely to bite. So! These are the methods you should apply while catching black drums.

How to Fillet and Cook Black Drum?

Now, let’s figure out the process about fillet and Cooking black drums.

Black drums are greatly cherished for its mild and sweet flavor. Also, because it requires less effort and time. You just need to have ample patience to learn the fillet technique.

As you know, the fillet is basically a procedure to free the bones from the fish. And it’s really important because boneless fishes are savory and easy to consume.

If you are craving for different fish taste and want to improvise you a weekend meal, then cooking black drums will do the work.

The Fillet Method

1. Firstly, make sure you have a sharp knife and take your time. Place a cloth under your cutting board to prevent it from slipping.

2. Using your dominant hand to safeguard the filet knife.

3. Maintain 45-degree angle on the tail while cutting the fish’s gill. You will always need to start from the backbones.

4. Until reaching its spinal continue cutting it. Don’t put too much pressure while cutting because it can detach the fish flesh too. Also, it can lead to cause a minor injury.

5. Keep rotating the knife until the blade lays fat free against 90-degree angle on the tail.

6. Between the fish spine and belly, proceed the end of the knife infused correctly mid-way on the fish.

7. By using a blade, slice along the fish's spine towards the fishtail.

8. Until you can sense the spinal end, keep slicing. At the end of the flesh, you need to keep a gap and rely on the final edge to support your right hand backward and easily slicing the outer bony layer maintaining a straight line.

9. After deboning the fish, pull the loose fleshes.

10. Keep cutting across the bottom of the fish using the fillet knife until you reach the end.

Now repeat the same procedure with the opposite part. Here! You are done filleting black drums.

After all this, you will surely desire to cook this phenomenal fish. I will provide the basic to professional chef recipes down below.

The Easiest Way to Cook

It is probably the easiest way to cook black drums but, yet it is savory and good enough to satisfy your craving. Without blabbering more, let's proceed the cooking recipe.

Washing: It’s really important to wash the fillets before seasoning. Otherwise, the fish smell would be still there.

Seasoning: After washing, start seasoning both sides of the fillet. You will need to have some ingredients afterward. Such as lemon, salt, olive oil, and butter.

Add Ingredient: Coat the bottom part with olive oil and two tbs of butter. Maintain the heat in a medium to high. Now squeeze lemon juice over it and flip the fillet when it appears brown. Add more lemon juice on the opposite side as well.

Time Conditions: It will take not more than 5 minutes for each side, but yes there's no accuracy of time. Because it depends on how much thick the fillet is.

Topping: You can add mushrooms on the topping to make it savory.

Easy-peachy isn't it?  Let me tell you other recipes that will surely beat this one but if you intend to invest less effort then go for it.

Roasted Black Drums Cooking Recipe

Now let's check out a more versatile black drums cooking recipe. Below are the ingredients you will need:

1. 4-6 drums

2. ½ tbs onion powder

3. ½ tbs garlic powder

4. 1/½ tbs paprika

5. 1 tbs salt

6. 1 tbs black pepper

7. ½ ginger garlic paste

After having all the ingredients in your kitchen, start the cooking procedure step by step,

Mix, Mix!

Firstly, place the drums into a medium-sized bowl. Now add all the ingredients one by one. Combine them properly, using your hand. Keep mixing the ingredient properly until the drums are coated with the spices appropriately.

Time to Marinate

After mixing all the ingredients together cover the bowl using a foil paper. Now store it to marinate for 30 minutes. It will let the drums to soak all the ingredients inside and make it flavorful.


1. Take a frying pan, place it on the gas stove.

2. Let it heat for 5 minutes.

3. Add olive oil. Let the oil get warm.

4.  Now take out the marinated black drums and roast them one by one.

5. Focus on the drums. When it appears light brown, flip it to the opposite side. Do it for 5 minutes.

6. When both sides are equally fried, put them out from the frying pan and store them in a container.

Give It A Colorful Makeover

After you are done frying them, it’s time to decorate. Use coriander leaves, spinaches, tomato slices and carrot finely chopped to give it a colorful and mesmerizing look.

So, here is a basic and professional recipe for you. Hope you will give them a try and make your tummy happy.

That’s a wrap. I am pretty sure that this article would be informative enough to help you to go through your requirements.


Though black drums aren’t a sports fish, it can overwhelm your fishing mood and hunger through its sweet, mild taste. Even if you aren’t experienced in catching fishes, it won’t affect your fishing. You just need to follow the steps with consistency.

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