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Vortex AMG UH 1 Review – A Holographic Wonder!

It is not often when you see a holographic sight that is as good as the Vortex AMG UH-1, not only because it offers outstanding quality when it comes to optical features, but also because it allows users to adjust the scope almost to the maximum available. This means that you get an attractive design in […]

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Best Holster For Sig P229: Which One To Choose in 2019?

Don’t know the best holster to carry your beloved Sig P229 in? There are countless holsters all over the market today bearing the label best holster for sig p229. And this means you’ll take forever to analyze each of them until you get the perfect holster for your gun. Bearing in mind that your Sig P229 is an […]

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10 Best Gun Cleaning Kit Reviews For The Money (Picks for 2020)

Whether you’re a dedicated shooter, hunter or even a firearms hobbyist, keeping your gun clean at all times is critical in ensuring it performs flawlessly whenever you pull the trigger. What happens when you fire your gun is that some residue is left behind by the gun powder. And if allowed to accumulate, it can seriously […]

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