Frequently Asked Questions About Marlin 336 Scopes

1. How are the Marlin 336 Scopes measured?

Rifle scopes are measured by comparing their magnification with your natural eyesight. In other words, this is how many times a target is brought closer to the shooter using them than when you are shooting with your naked eye.

A rifle scope that reads 4-12x40mm improves the image size four times while bringing it 12 times closer to the shooter. Isn’t that amazing?

1. What do the numbers represent on the scope?

This is one area most novice find difficult to resolve. The basic functionality of a scope is to improve your line of sight and it is able to accomplish this in various ways, all of which are represented in the scope’s measurement equation.

Thus the numbers on a rifle scope can be resolved into a math equation which represents different things.

This is usually made up of three parts - the first number refers the level of magnification of the scope; the second number represents the power; while the last number which is preceded by “X” represents scope diameter.

Therefore, a scope can read: 3-6x40, where 3 is the first number meaning the scope brings the target 3 times closer to the shooter, 6 is the power meaning the scope’s focus is increased by six times, while 40 is the scope’s diameter.

It’s really as simple as that!

2. What does 4-12X40mm and 3-6x40mm mean?

By now you should be able to resolve that. Don’t be confused by the part that says “mm”.

“Mm” simple means millimetre and represents the unit of measurement for the magnitude level, scope power and diameter. Most Marlin 366 scopes are measured in millimetres.

From the figures above, it’s obvious the 4-12x40mm has a higher power than the 3-6x40mm scope.

3. Should I go for a scope with a high power or one with a low power?

Choosing between a high power scope and a low one depends on your hunting situation. High power scopes are generally preferred for long range shooting while low power scopes are preferred for short range shooting.

Tactical shooters and law enforcement personnel commonly use low power scopes since they are less likely to shoot at target hundreds of feet away. However, field hunters are likely going to require high scope power.

4. How much is QUALITY?

While cost is not the ultimate scale for determining the quality of any item, however, when it comes to rifle scopes, never overlook price.

No doubt, there are many cheap scopes out there that seemingly make a good belt for the Marlin 366 rifle. However, the problem with most of these scopes is that they lack good accuracy which makes them highly unreliable.

You don't want to ruin your shooting experience with something like that.

Generally, we recommend you avoid low priced scopes and go for those between middle-range budget and high price tags. We've discovered that the costlier a scope is, the more features and experience it affords to the user.

Generally, you should plan spending half as much as what you spent on your Marlin 366 rifle on the scope and its mount.

Hopefully, you should be able to pick a good Marlin 366 scope that fits into your budget from the options we've reviewed above.

5. How does a Marlin 366 scope work?

The working mechanism of all rifle scopes is basically the same.

Without getting into much detail, a Marlin 366 scope is nothing more than a device that brings targets closer so that shooters can fire more accurately.

It consist of a tube that has a small reticle and two or more lenses.

The lenses are used to magnify the target while the reticle helps the shooter to obtain a more precise aim by indicating where the bullet will hit when fired.

Of course, there are other technical details involved in the working and operation of a rifle scope which may differ in the scopes reviewed above.

But everything still boils down to the description above.

6. What are the most important things to look out for when purchasing a rifle scope?

When buying a new scope, whether for the Marlin 366 or any other good rifle, there are certain things you might want to consider depending on your needs and what you want to use the scope for.

For instance, target shooters and hunters don't exactly look for the same features.

Regardless of where you stand or the group you belong to, there are seven things that you should bear in mind when buying a Marlin 366 scope:

  • Magnification - Scopes with lower magnification are usually perfect for shots under 100 yards. But for longer distances, you might need something higher. However, this does not mean that more magnification is always better.
  • Eye Relief - Powerful rifles like the Marlin 366 usually require long eye relief scopes that are above 3.5 inches to avoid "scope-eye".
  • Construction - Scopes with larger tube are better suited for long distance shooting because they provide allowance for increasing the range of adjustment and makes it possible to accommodate interior components.
  • Objective Lens - If you are going to be shooting in low light conditions, then you need a scope with larger objective lens to increase brightness.
  • Reticle - You've probably heard the saying that a wrong reticle makes a bad scope. Well, this is exactly the case. For range finding, we recommend any one of Horus or dot reticles. For hunting, classic cross hairs or duplex will make a great fit.
  • Turrets - Even though it is possible to adjust all turrets, not all of them can be "easily" adjusted. The wrong scope will make it difficult to adjust the turrets or initiate unintentional actions due to errant movements or turns. So make sure you choose turrets that are easy to access and adjust.

7. What is the best Marlin 366 scope?

Besides price, there are other factors that should guild your decision in choosing a good scope to accompany your rifle. The most common ones are - purpose, ease of use, accuracy and reliability.

Thus, it's almost impossible to point out a single "perfect" rifle scope given the huge number of brands in the market.

However, we've searched out a few brands we believe will make a good accessory for any good rifle. The Marlin 366 scopes reviewed above are arguably among the best brands available at the moment.

  • March 17, 2019
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