How Having A Deer Or Rabbit Repellent Can Help?

Although cute and adorable, rabbits and deer can wreck a lot of havoc in your garden. While many chemical solutions exist, most homeowners are always quick to show off the red flag due to the potential dangers of using these items.

Even, they might help in reducing the ferocious activities of these pests, they are often toxic to plants resulting to unnecessary chemical exposure.

However, even though they are formulas, repellents offer a less harsh solution to pest control in your yard. So far, they've proven to be the safest way to ward off prestigious animals from your garden.

Using a repellent is one of the most effective ways to deter those pesky animals and prevent them from mulching on your vegetables and other farm produce.

They are safe and won't pose any serious risk to your flowers and vegetables. These usually come in form of spray, powder and even granules.

Repellents are applied on (or around) plants to "repel" deers and rabbits. In other words, they "train" pests away from your flower or vegetable garden. And you are most likely to need them during spring when there isn't much food to spare for the animals to "eat away".

That said, using a repellent is important no matter what time it is in the year. Even if you have a lot on your farm, it is not usually a good idea to leave the rats and deer feasting on your vegetables and fruits.

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Most homeowners will agree that the sight isn't one to be desired.

Initially, the scent of dogs and humans was enough to scare even the hungriest deer away. But now it seems, the awareness of our presence is no longer something new to the quadrupedal mammals.

So, the old method of stuffing a panty hose with human hair or any of such old tricks no longer poses any danger to the animals. As such, repellents have been the major solution for most gardeners.

There are two main reasons why repellents are very effective - they have a horrible taste and smell really bad. However, they work best when your plant is attractive and the deer or Rabbit is hungry.

While repellents are great, it's also advisable to harvest your crops early. Don't wait till the pests come around before you do the right thing.

Given the huge number of deer and rabbit repellents in the market, finding the best products can be pretty overwhelming, especially if you've never used one before.

Luckily, we've saved you the stress by reviewing the best items available at the moment.

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