How Much Does It Cost to Buy or Build a Good AR-15?

At the very beginning, what we need to know is, what is an AR-15? And how much does it mean to you? We are talking about America's most famous sporting rifle. It’s a lightweight semi-loading rifle, which is easy to shoot, can be customized easily and is perfectly affordable.

For instance, you can buy a good AR-15 for yourself with thousands of dollars, or you can even build one for yourself with a hundred only. It entirely depends on your comfort and choice.

If you are going through the dilemma of which would be a better choice, then you are completely in the right place. Here in this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks and the affordability of buying or building AR-15.

Should You Build or Buy Your AR?

If you are willing to build an AR, you have to start from the very beginning since you have to purchase every single component, parts, and tools that are required to make your AR-15. Moreover, creating a gun for yourself requires lots of time, as well.

100% mil-spec parts can be found all over the World Wide Web, although it would require your time, precision, and energy.

an AR-15

Working on the lower receiver takes almost hours, and then after completing it, you have to start working on the upper receiver, which would require purchasing some more components, as well. You would have to pay a price which is on the range of $500-900.

But if you are lucky enough and money is not an issue, and you are free to purchase and spend as you like, walking to your nearest gun store and buying yourself an AR-15 is what you will be doing.

And we believe that you would meet some perfectly knowledgeable people there who would be glad to help you understand the AR-15 better.

Lastly, for instance, if you are blessed with both money and time, then you should be able to purchase components that might cost thousands of dollars, while simply doing some internet search.

You can also have your AR-15 just the way you like it, and you can choose your parts and take as much time you need to work with complete precision.

The Cost of Building an AR-15 

The most crucial task before building an AR-15 is to sort out the prices and bills and know your budget well. Being familiar with the amount of money you would be spending is very important, considering you will have to purchase a lot of parts and tools for your AR-15, and saving up for those parts is very vital.


The ARFCOM has announced two kinds of high-end budgets for builds; let's have a more in-depth look into it.

Lower High-Class Build

The approximate amount of money that you need to purchase a lower high-end AR-15 is about $372-$412. The prices of the components would be as follows;

  1. CMT stag arms, which cost about $105.
  2. Board arms lower part kit, you will be able to purchase these in around $65 in your nearest market.
  3. Mods standard kit, Vltor carbine; this kits' price depends on the online site you would be purchasing it from, so the cost can be on a range of $155 to $197.
  4. MIAD clutch costs around $45.

Also, sometimes buying a whole set of kit will cost around $600. And as you are the one building your AR, so there won't be a risk of acquiring any wrong or unnecessary tools, which results in an appropriate expenditure of the limited budget.

Upper High-Class Build 

The approximate amount of upper high-end AR-15 that has been approved by ARFCOM is about $1520. The prices of the components would be as follows;

  1. CMT board upper receiver, which will cost $95, the price has been a surprise to many considering how cheap it is.
  2. 4150 steel, which has a first-rate quality and chrome-lined barrel; these are the main high-end components priced since it comes with the minimum price tag of  $325.
  3. The CMT, LMT, MP, and BCG; these will cost a maximum of $130.
  4. La Rue or 4rail handguard; these components are another set of most expensive ones, and they will cost about $300.
  5. BUIS, which approximately costs about $120.
  6. HWS, a holographic weapon sight that helps see through low-light conditions better, will cost about $350.
  7. Other auxiliary items; they will cost a bit above $200.

Best Cheap AR-15s to Buy 

We want this article to be helpful for everyone who is reading it, and for that, we have come up with this section, which will talk about all the cheap AR-15s to help you choose your preferred one to purchase.

Palmetto State Armory 

The first choice for the cheapest section is the PSA; this brand has its in-house plant for ARs and their other rifles. It’s true that you won't be getting all the extravagant features that you might be expecting from your gun, but the way they shoot is more than satisfying.

They have the lowest priced ARs in the industry, which is said to be about $499 only. It might sound unbelievable, but it's true.


The name has been there for a long time in the AR game. Arguably, some of their supplies are better than the ones found in some high-end rifles. But of course, we can't be sure of the whole supply, as it's a cheap one, sometimes you might get what you pay for. You can own one by spending as low as $530.

Radical Firearms 

Despite having a company downfall, the birds have informed us that Radical Firearms have started to grow as a company and have been whipping out high-quality entry-level rifles. It's all in all a good company that puts their heart on making the rifles and works efficiently to make their company and their rifles more even better. The Radical Firearms cost about $560.


When there is a talk about budget-minded firearms, ATI has to be included for sure.

It's said that they make the most affordable guns that imitates the ones with which grandfathers might have fought during the times of Nazis, but of course, paying for a replica would be even cheaper, to begin with. This sort of AR-15s come about $550.

Specialized Tools

You need some specialized tools in order to gather and adjust your AR-15 and some of the standard tools and equipment to help build it.

Also, remember to buy the best bipod for AR-15, it's an essential accessory that you need to have while shooting a rifle. It's one of the essential items you need at the very beginning of your shooting carrier.


Just like purchasing a firearm in the first place is your own choice, deciding to build or buy one should be your personal choice too.

AR-15 is a unique rifle anyone would want to own, so with the help of this article, you would be able to grab your AR-15 either by ordering or building. Also, you can have a great time with the masterpiece itself.

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