How to Install a Bipod on an AR15?

Bipod installation is an important feature to consider if you’re an avid shooter or hunter. Bipod plays a role in the improvement of shot accuracy and maintaining a balance between consecutive firings.

Mounting a bipod on a rifle helps in conserving the steadiness of the rifle during shooting. So, it is essential to pick the best bipod and to install it appropriately.

Although, installing bipods can be pretty complicated, following necessary instructions is the ultimate guide. With a semi-automatic rifle like AR15, installing a bipod can be quite severe. Therefore, proper steps should be followed while mounting the best bipod for ar15.

Suitable Bipod for AR15

In the case of a semi-automatic rifle like ar15, bipod needs to be an easy setup. It should attach rapidly to the AR’s Picatinny rail. The best ar15 bipod utilizes a quick-attach/detach technique to reduce the setting time.


Picking the best bipod allows leaning in during firing. Besides, it will resist the recoil without any difficulty. Bipods with the lowest position are more suitable than those with higher positions.

TIPTOP rifle bipod, UTG tactical bipod, Harris Engineering bipod, etc. are the most suitable bipods for an ar15. These bipods attach to the Picatinny rail directly, without using an adaptor. They also come with a quick-lock mechanism for better functioning. With these bipods, target acquiring is pretty straightforward.

Therefore, bipods compatible with the ar15 model should be selected before installation. It will ensure better performance and fewer difficulties.

How to Install a Bipod on an AR15?

Bipods can be installed depending on their structural configurations, mostly. Some bipods attach to a swivel stud on the rifle, and some attach directly to the rifle stock. The most typical procedure includes using a Picatinny rail.


Its Installation also partly depends on the quality of the rifle. With an ar15 rifle, the bipod chosen must fit the rifle appropriately. Basic installation process is-

  • Unloading of the rifle should be done before starting the installation. Both the upper and lower dual heatshield handguards should be separated from each other.
  • The first step is to remove the inner heat shield of the handguard with the help of needle-nose pliers. This inner shield will be later placed on the rifle base.
  • Next, the outer most heat shields are cut off with the help of wire cutters precisely.
  • The bipod stud is to be screwed into the backing plate and tightened down. Care should be taken during tightening to prevent any form of cracking.
  • While removing the sling swivel from a rifle, extra attention should be given to avoid mishaps. The removal process can be done by pressing one side of the swivel for unlocking the retention pin.
  • Loosening of the screw on the bottom part of the bipod is another necessary step. The clamp can easily get detached from the tension of the bipod through this step.
  • Latter step involves placing the clamp on rifle stud. It enables the retention pins to adjust inside the clamp and insertion into both sides of the stud opening. Then the screw should be tightened firmly on the bipod's bottom part. The clamp can get safely attached to the rifle stud in this manner.
  • Last step of the installation involves setting the previously removed sling swivel and placing it on the bottom part of the bipod.      
  • The knurled knob is to be then tightened around the bipod, and the direction of the bipod legs should be pointed forward to the muzzle of the ar15 rifle.

All these steps combined take part in the complete installation of a bipod on the ar15 rifle. The selection of an appropriate bipod reduces any type of difficulty associated with the shooting.


Wrapping it up, it can be concluded that installing a bipod for an ar15 rifle requires a lot of complicated steps to follow. But choosing the appropriate bipod for an ar15 rifle can make the process much more comfortable.

The quality and standard features of a bipod play an essential role in shooting with this particular rifle.

For this reason, to have a precise installation, bipods must be selected that are compatible with the ar15 model. It will ensure a better scope of shooting possibilities with the least number of difficulties.

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