How to Mount a Scope on an AR-15 Rifle That Has No Mount on it?

Don’t you think for your sharp looking rifle, you need a scope that compliments it? Let's imagine a situation where you have to find the most efficient way to eliminate a pack of coyotes. What would it be? A 5.56 rifle, subsonic ammunition, suppressor, and an excellent old scope, and you are good to go.

Scopes are incredibly handy equipment to attach to your rifles. Not only it enhances your ability to make accurate shots, but it also makes target shooting a piece of cake. For those of you who are new to the firearm scene, a perfectly mounted scope accounts for many privileges.

However, if you don’t pay attention to the details while mounting your scope, you may end up struggling to make your shots count. To help you with this easy yet challenging task, this article is here to provide adequate knowledge on the mounting method of a scope.

Essential Tools

Before you indulge in the mounting procedure, you are highly recommended to use the help of a few essential tools. Why are these tools valuable? Not only are the equipment necessary for effortless mounting, but they also prevent your scope from acquiring any damage on the optics.


Hex Bit Tool

Owning a hex bit tool is crucial if you are a proud possessor of AR-15. It simply is a necessity. With this special equipment, you will never go wrong while driving the bolts and screws into the designated place. For your scope to settle in exceptionally well, the hex bit tool is the ultimate tool.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a piece of vital equipment to attach your scope to the Picatinny rail of your AR-15.

It is considered to be one of the significant instruments since it allows you to mount a sensitive scope tactfully. Plus, if your scope is high in precision and more prolonged in range, it makes sure to install it without retaining any damage to the rifle firmly.

Bubble Level

You may know how substantial it is for your firearm to consist of a leveled optic if you have missed your target due to inaccuracy in the vertical and horizontal alignment of your scope. Precision holds the utmost importance when it comes to mounting an optic.

Scope Mount

If you have already purchased a scope, it may have come with the necessary tools to mount it. The preferred scope mount for an AR-15 installation is the cantilever mounts, which contains double rings. It allows you the advantage to drive the optic ahead, which in turn concludes to greater eye relief and a larger field of view.

Shooting Rest

This tool is not as necessary as the rest of them, but it holds the ability to make the mounting task easier. It allows you to maintain your AR-15 in place while you work on securing the scope; this also ensures the scope is installed effortlessly without any inconvenience.

Rubbing Alcohol

The task of mounting can get quite messy, and for that, rubbing alcohol holds great significance. Before mounting, rubbing alcohol must be used on the screws, bases, rails, and rings to remove all the dust, dirt, and excess oil for better fitting.

The Mounting Procedure

Specific instruction must be followed while mounting the scope to your AR-15. If you install the scope in haste, it will do you no good, as accuracy is the hallmark of using a scope.


Slow and steady wins the race. With that being said, maintain your flow of work without hurrying, and start with the installation. Always remember, patience is a virtue.


Before you start assembling your tools, you have to follow few simple steps. First of all, make sure your weapon is free of ammunition by simply removing the magazine. Moreover, the rifle must be safe. Afterward, place your gun properly on the shooting rest if you own one.

However, if you don’t have a shooting rest available to you, just proceed with the next steps without any worry. Moisten a small patch of cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and gently get rid of all the dirt and oil around the rail, base, screw, and rings.

Attach the Scope Mount

The next step includes adjusting the scope mount appropriately to your AR-15. Since the shooting rest already cancels out any disruption during the setting of the scope, you are allowed to forge ahead with the following steps. Place the scope mount properly right above the upper receiver of the rifle and the top of the rail.

Refrain from misplacing the scope mount, and be very careful about it. Since AR-15 operates in magazines, the scope mount must be placed right above the magwell, given that you are using a cantilever mount. The next step requires you to grab your torque wrench.

Every mount has a specific torque, so make sure you are paying attention to your weapon. With the help of the torque wrench, you have to firmly secure the scope mount to your rifle and check for slackness. Your scope mount will come with its very own instructions.

Attach the Scope

After you are done with installing the scope mount, advance to the fastening of the scope. This step involves you to establish the optic in such a manner which will ensure optimum eye relief. If you think the eye relief is not good enough, readjust the mount to garner an accurate and clear view.


The scope must be placed right above the rings. Once you are done setting the scope fittingly, the rings must be joined together over the scope. The next part demands to make sure it is fastened accordingly, which must leave a minor gap for further adjustment of the optic.

Level the Rifle, and Finish up

Here you are going to make use of the bubble level to ensure the gun is leveled by positioning it according to your preference. Now, use the bubble level to make sure the scope is level and to establish the range is leveled correctly, confirm that the reticle is aligned vertically and horizontally.

The final step calls for fastening the screws over the rings with your hex tool, remember not to tighten it too much, just enough to secure it firmly. Finally, you have successfully achieved your goal of mounting a scope to your rifle.

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In the end, this article’s sole purpose is to provide you with sufficient instruction and guidance to attain a remarkably mounted scope. Let’s hope you surveyed through the best AR 15 bipods, to find the right match for your brand new scope mounted rifle.

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