How to Use a Spotting Scope for Shooting?

Shooting, hunting, and observing is an art. It requires patience and a sense of accuracy to hit a bulls-eye. However, you do not have to tackle this hard job without any aid. Many magnifying products are dedicated to different purposes.

There are telescopes used for astronomy. Those products have high magnification options. Astronomy telescopes work better during night time as stars are visible in the dark. Some binoculars are suitable for smaller distances.

A small handy magnifying glass also works fine if you want to look at anything with precision. But what you need for the shooting is a spotting scope.

What is a Spotting Scope and Why Do You Need it?

A spotting scope is a smaller version of a telescope that uses the same mechanisms for forming an image. However, spotting scopes create an upright picture that astronomical scopes are not designed to perform. Hence, it becomes easier to use such a product.


Moreover, a product like this is also suitable for day time use as it has coated lenses that work better against humidity, refraction, and dust. Telescopes work at high magnification. So, to adjust to 20x or 60x, which is the optimum range for shooting, you need to change the specifications a lot.

Adjusting and handling a spotting scope is much more comfortable. At the same time, this product offers much more features than a binocular. You will get wide objective lenses, reticles, angled features, and much more with a scope.

Overall, for shooting and observing nature, a spotting scope is the best purchase. Although after purchasing, the most common questions beginners ask is how to use the product. To solve your problem, we are offering a step by step guide below.

Know Your Position

The First step is to have a general sense of where your target is. So, get a good look at the broader field and locate the possible place where your goal is. This step is crucial in the case of photography or hunting.

If you are shooting in a small space, then the target is right in front of you. So, you automatically know the position of your object.

Adjust Yourself

You will shoot with your rifle, so, set the rifle up first. After that, adjust yourself to the environment. You will always have better results while sitting or in a prone position. So, set a chair up and fix it properly, so it does not wobble. Make sure the chair is grounded. If you prefer being in a prone position, then use a mat underneath to shield yourself from dust or cold.


Measure the Distance

It is better to keep a smaller distance between you and the scope. So, you need to adjust your range with the rifle as well as the spotting scope. Having the same distance among the two tools will minimize the need for movement. Consequently, you will be able to preserve much of the energy that you will need to maintain patience.

Stabilize the Scope

Having a shaky scope is a big no-no when it comes to forming an accurate image. An unstable scope will not be able to focus on a high magnification of over 20x. So, the answer to this dilemma is tripods for spotting scopes.

They are easy to use, and all you have to do is mount the scope on to the tripod. Then tightly screw the bolts and make sure the tripod is on a flat surface.

Set the Magnification

Each product will have its limit up to which you can magnify. So, even before setting the magnification, purchase a scope that meets your expectations. After you have mounted the device on the tripod, use the rotating portion on the scope to adjust the magnification. It works like the settings on a camera.

The standard limit in most scopes is 20-60x. So, you can adjust in between that range as much as you want until a clear picture appears.

Fix Your Focus

The next thing you need to do is fix your focus. This function is the same as setting the magnification, but the perfect focus will generate a crystal clear image. The focus is different for different distances, so you have to adjust accordingly.


One of the steps to knowing how to use the scope is to understand how to maintain it. Because this product is prone to damage as it uses high-quality lenses and reticles. So, keep it out of humidly and always make sure that your store the scope in a dry place. To ensure the durability of the product, you can use a spotting scope case.


Once you know the steps to set and use the scope, it is only a matter of practice before you become a professional at using the product. So, using a scope is not that complicated, after all. With the information presented in this article, you should be on your way to starting using your scope.

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