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How Using Archery Targets Sharpens Your Skill – Set Your Target Right!

Have you ever tried to have the right target?

I believe, if your answer is yes, you are on the right path!

You know, there are numerous targets of different levels available for you to choose from.

So, you are in a good hand to set your right target following your level, which will allow you to perfect your archery skill.

If you are an advanced like (or a less advanced) archer, you should match your skill as per your target matching experience.

And, what if you are a less experienced archer?

No worries! I have a tip for you as well!

You should graduate over time in the direction of prowess while rolling on the type and quality of archery targets used.

The Right Accessories and Facilities

There are mammoth accessories available in the market. But you should not overwhelm by those and buy whatever you find!

When you have the right accessories and facilities, your expertise and ability will go handy and otherwise. This is true not only archery but all sports.

Choosing or having the right accessories, facilities and beyond is more important in archery.

First, get the right bows, arrows, and archery target bags in having the right accessories for your sport.

You also need to include common accessories such as releases, quivers, optics, range finders, and others.

You will always need an inclusive list of having right accessories to master your sporting skill.

Try out Fresh Challenges, Every Day!  

We all know the well-known proverbs that “practice makes a man perfect.” And this is bloody true for archery.

Your skill would be perfected through regular practice. So, try to hit your targets again and again to hone your skill.

Oh, Yes! Don’t forget to take a new challenge every day if you really wish to be proficient in your archery sporting.

With the fresh challenges, you can not only increase your strength in the sport but can make you as unique.

You are bound to see the improvement and the results followed by rigorous trials you have encountered over the years. You will also be able to sharpen your expertise and take it to the next level if you are serious to take challenges.

A note to remember is that the success does not come easy! You have to work hard and push yourself to be better to reach the pinnacle of the excellence.

Once you are there, you never will regret and look back!

Forget About Accuracy!

Would you like to advance your accuracy? Well, first, you have to forget about the word “accuracy” itself!

Too often, you may overlook the target from a long distance! So, you may aim to not to be too accurate in the initial phases. Set your target butt from three or four meters away. Close your eyes and focus on your body posture before you draw your bow. What I mean about your body posture is the following.

How is your form?

Are your shoulder and feet width away from each other?

Are you twisting the force to the bow when you release?

You may find tons of ways to increase your physical technique. For now, you may focus on these drills (mentioned above) often and in a sufficient manner.

These techniques will surely improve your accuracy.

Which Type of Archery Target Is Better for Beginners?


Target Archery

Have you ever asked yourself that what is the most popular archery in the world? Well, the answer is target archery.

The answer prevails for advanced-level archers, intermediate-level archers, and even for beginners! In fact, this is the better choice for the beginners!

You will be happy to know that if you master in this archery, you can take part in the Olympic Games!

Yes! You read it right! Olympic Games currently featured target archery yet their version is slightly different as compared to the regular competitions.

You can play target archery whether in indoor or outdoor. Here, all you need is just a flat ground. You need to shoot a specific number of arrows and particular sizes of target faces.

The distance between your target and you would be up to 100 yards.

If you decide to play inside, you can take a shorter distance, for example, 20 yards.

Generally, indoor archery needs 5x dozen of archery. You can use 60cm target faces for this type of archery.

Field Archery

The name itself suggests that this sport takes place in the outside locations! The field archery often played in the woodland.

So, if you would like to play in a woodland, the field archery will be at your service!

The archers usually depend on natural instinct and own judgment for this sport. Because the shooting distances are often unmarked.

This is specifically true when you decide to use traditional bows as the longbows or flatbows.

There are some compound archers out there who also love to play this shooting as it seems more “natural” to them.

Clout Archery

The clout archery is comparable to the target archery, but the archer has to drop the arrows at a long distance following a few circular scoring areas on the ground.

Around 45 degrees angle is considered to shot arrows to the air.

You may also compare this form of archery to the archery used in military training when the enemy is located in the known distance, for example, 150 yards away.

The accuracy of the target could mean defeat or victory.

Flight Archery

This form of archery requires a lot of space. For this type of archery, the archer needs to shoot as far as possible.

The arrows are shot from a specific bow, and this form of archery is weight sensitive hence fall under the hood of very specific categories.

Generally, the traditional and very heavy bows are used to shot the arrows. Probably, you may consider trying this type of archery someday, but it might be better to start with the target archery, first!

  • March 16, 2019
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