Roxant Authentic Blackbird High Definition Spotting Scope: Worth It?

When it comes to high range spot hunting or bird watching, The better the scope is, the higher your experience gets. You should try to have a durable scope, provides a clear vision for your desired range.

Roxant first came up with this in 2017 as their first spotting scope, and in the next year - 2018 all the hype is captured by this one. It doesn’t claim itself as a high-end product, but it’s just right enough for its price range.

It’s not an easy task to get a scope under $100 that has some of the best features. But this one has some. Let’s talk about those -

Multi Coated Lens

The lens is made from military-grade glasses with multi-layer of coating. The lens can allow more light to get inside and as a result, the image clarity is sharper and brighter.


In sunny conditions, you can use the extendable sunshade to hide any glares coming into your view and distorting the image.

Rubber body

Having a rubber body protects the scope from slipping or falling from hand in rainy conditions.


  • Good price
  • Military grade glass, prism Bak-4 glass lense
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Stable tripod


  • Not waterproof


Q - Roxant can make larger scopes, why they have stopped at this compact one?

Ans - There’s a high demand for scopes priced under $100. The consumer demand is high for compact low range scope in this price point. And roxant is trying to fill this gap by providing compact but powerful scopes.

Compact scopes can cater to a variety of spotter needs. It’s light and stable at the range it was designed for. Roxant is not bragging with false promises here, they’re providing what they’re promising for. You’re getting your money’s worth here.

For the time being, assume that this product is not water resistant and stay away from submerging a dunking the rubber body. If we get to learn anything else, this review will be updated accordingly.

Q - Is this a good buy for this range?

Ans - From the user reviews, it seems this is a great option in its price range. The view is clear from both ends, and the reviews says that upto 200 yards the vision is pristine. The included Tripod with the rubber feet is well built and very stable.

Q - What is Military-grade glass?

Ans - Although Roxant never clearly stated anything about this military grade glass feature, we assume this means the glass is more durable and of higher clarity.

The good thing is the fact that you only get a military-grade glass only from this scope among all the scopes in this range.

There are many variables that determines higher grade of scope glass. Roxant states about better qualities of this feature but it's still a bit of confusion whether the quality assurance is true as the price range is very low. Overall, the glasses are top notch.

Q. Is it waterproof?

Ans - There are some comments about this being waterproof are on the amazon review page. However, we are not entirely sure whether this is waterproof or not.

The waterproofing is mentioned neither on the official site nor on the amazon product page. Also we have been unable to check for the water resistant properties. So as a safety we advise you not to use it under rain or below any ideal weather conditions.

Q - Why is there no focus knob?

Ans - Instead of putting a focus knob, Roxant has set this up with a focus ring known as “smooth glide ring”. It is as simple to use as the knobs and the magnification is easy to change.

Q - What's inside the package?

Ans - There’s a spotting scope carrying case, lens caps, lens cleaning clothes and a rubber feeted foldable tripod.


Our verdict on the scope is simple - if you’re looking for a good value of your money for this range, just go for it. This is a risk free buy, and there aren’t hardly a few like this on the market.

Under $100, this exceeds the expectations and impressed the users. A product that is compact and lightweight with all these powers, is nothing less to impress than some similar counterparts that cost way more than this.

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