Stevens 320 vs Maverick 88: Head to Head Comparison

Both the Stevens 320 and Maverick 88 shotguns have a few things in common. They come from well-known brands, they’re suitable for hunting and home defense, and feature attractive price tags.

But before you get any of these shotguns, you’d want to know how they compare. You’d want to ask yourself which of the two has a better service record? Which one comes with a better build and more reliability than the other?

Let’s discover more about the two shotguns in our head to head comparison below…

A quick overview:

Stevens 320

Stevens 320 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun that can hold up to 5 rounds of ammunition. It comes with a proven rotary bolt design plus a secure pistol grip that feels really good in your hands and helps you steady your shots. It presents you with a 3-inch chamber and permanent cylinder chokes.


The shotgun has a pretty shorter barrel length of 18.5 inches. The whole gun length measures 38.25 inches, making it a bit shorter than other models. The included dual sidebar ensures a more reliable and comfortable operation.

Maverick 88

Maverick 88 is also a pump-action shotgun, but it comes in two versions—12 and 20 gauge. Maverick shares almost the same list of features with Mossberg 500, only that it comes at a lower price. Since this gun was assembled in Mexico, most of its parts are Mexican.


The Maverick has a holding capacity of up to 8 rounds of ammo and has smooth and fast loading ability. It features a cross-bolt safety and rubber recoil. With a 22-inch long barrel, this shotgun is a bit longer than the Steven 320.

Head to Head Comparison:

In this section, we’ll do a head to head comparison of the two shotguns to see how they compare and contrast to each other in different areas…


The two shotguns are pump-action type, which means you’ll be manually cycling the forend of the firearm to chamber your next round.

While this process might feel slower than the semiautomatic action, pump action shotguns usually cost less and are more reliable to fire, even when dirty. Taking them apart for cleaning is also easy and hassle-free.

Mark you; pump action shotguns are more prevalent in the US than any other parts of the world.


Both shotguns come in 12-gauge options…though the Maverick 88 featuring a 20-gauge version as well.

As you might already know, the 12-gauge is the most common and versatile of all the shotgun gauge options. It’s the preferred model for hunting waterfowls, turkeys, and other types of games.

Owing to the sheer volume of 12-gauge ammo produced, the 12 gauge is one of the most affordable ammunition you can get out there.


Stevens 320 weighs approx. 6.8lbs while the Maverick 88 weighs 6.23lbs. this clearly shows that Stevens 320 hangs on the lighter side, though the difference in their weight is insignificant.

For starters, the ideal weight of a shotgun for you depends on what you intend to use it for. A heavier firearm will absorb recoil more efficiently, and a lighter gun will become much easier (less tiring) to carry.

Barrel length

The Stevens has a shorter (18.5 inch) barrel than the Maverick 88 (22 inches).


Shotguns with longer barrel length tend to deliver better compensation for recoil and smoother swing. Some people also believe that a long barrel enhances the accuracy of your shots and better grouping of your shot patterns.

But the truth is: unless you’re a pro shotgun shooter, the barrel length might not make any improvements on your shooting experience with a shotgun.

While still on it, the overall length of maverick is approx. 38.25 inches making it shorter than Stevens 320, whose length measures around 42.5 inches. Some shooters prefer long guns. Others prefer the shorter models. What’s your preference?


Stevens 320 shotgun has a total of 5 rounds holding capacity while the Maverick has a slightly higher capacity of up to 8 rounds.

Maverick takes the crown here as it has higher rounds capacity, meaning it’ll provide you with a more satisfying operation.

Quality and finish

The Stevens 320 features a carbon steel barrel and synthetic black stock for maximum durability and longevity. It has a black/brown color finish.

Maverick 88 also comes with a black synthetic stock and forend for durability. Like most of the firearms out there, it features a blued finish.


The Maverick comes at a higher price than the Stevens 320. However, the cost difference is $10, which makes it quite insignificant.

Nevertheless, both shotguns stay within an affordable range and will make an excellent choice for budget-minded hunters out there looking for a reliable, easy to use shotgun.

Our Verdict

So, that’s all you need to know about Stevens 320 vs Maverick 88 shotguns to help you make a more informed choice.

As you can see from this head to head comparison, the two shotguns have the same pump action and accept the 12-gauge rounds. However, they feature some slight differences which you must take into account when making a choice.

Despite the small differences, both the two shotguns fall within an affordable price range and have an insignificant cost difference.

Now that you know the key differences and similarities between the two popular shotguns, deciding which one best suits your shooting needs should become easier.

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