Survival Kit Must Haves: A Definitive Guide

If you are planning a long camping trip there is some survival gear that you won’t want to be without.

Fire Starter

If you’re planning to spend some time in the wilderness, it might be a great idea to get a fire starter. A fire starter is one of the most essential tools that you’ll ever need to keep you warm as you battle the biting cold night. Additionally, fires are also a great way to fight off any hungry predators that may come your way. Besides scaring predators and staying warm, fire starters are needed so that you can prepare a meal for yourself.

So if you’re reading this, we’re hoping that you’ve already understood that you need to be fully equipped with the skills and tools to craft yourself a warm fire. To help, your trusty fire starter will be one of the most critical items on your list and you’ll want to make sure you have it all the time.

With that said, we recommend that you at least have up to three practical yet reliable solutions to start fires in your kit. However, you should not put all your eggs in one basket and take along a fire starter alone. So be sure to bring along some matches, a striker, and even a trusty Bic lighter.

These can also be substituted with some tinder and various lighting aids. Some of these include the InstaFire Starter. Don’t forget to place these in waterproof storage where you can easily access them in a moment’s notice.

Survival Knife

During your wilderness trip, you’ll probably need to do a great deal of cutting. One of the main keys to surviving in the wilderness is having a good survival knife at your side. However, it’s best to select something that is of a higher quality that can be used for different things.

When you buy a survival knife, it should be able to easily cut through the skin of your hunt, sharpen sticks, and even cut strings if need be. Survival knives should be razor-sharp and very strong so that it can slice through even the toughest materials easily. Just like the fire starter, you’ll also want to pack along more than just one knife.

It’s better to be prepared than to be short in case you should run into an emergency. So if you’re looking for a reliable backup, be sure to check out the Ka-Bar Becker BK2.

Map And Compass

survival map

While your trusted GPS is great, you should never solely rely on it alone. You should ensure that you have a compass and your local map so that you can get back to safety. Additionally, it’s also a great idea to get a topography map and a road map just in case. These are some of the most lightweights that you’ll be able to carry along so there’s really no reason not to.

While it’s great to have both on hand, you should ensure that you can actually read a map and navigate using your compass. If you’re a beginner or you’re brushing up there are several courses that can teach and serve as a refresher if need be. If you’re looking for a reliable compass, the Suunto is just perfect.


The right sort of survival food can make all the difference to your energy levels and also your backpack when engaging in a survival outing. We could go on but here is everything you need to know about survival food.

First Aid Kit

survival first aid kit

If you’re planning on venturing into the wilderness anytime soon, a first-aid kit is a must-have. First aid kits are very critical and should be easily accessible whenever you should need them. General first aid kits work well but usually require some supplemental items such as pressure dressing to stop bleeding.

Additionally, there are also adventure medical kits that can be perfect. These include a pocket manual that you should read beforehand especially if you weren’t trained formally.

A Bow Saw

Bow saws make any survival situation much easier. So if you’re looking for a saw, be sure that it’s a lightweight one. Bow saws come in very handy and they are great for cutting logs to make firewood. They can also be used to tear through big branches if you need to make a shelter.

If you’re hunting and manage to shoot big game or even a deer, you’ll need to build a might strong fire to roast your meat. Bow saws allow you to have more than enough wood for your fire and they are great for helping with your fireplace.

Proper Clothing

If you’ve never been to the wilderness before, you need to dress for the absolute worst-case scenario. More people easily die from hypothermia in the wild than almost any other cause. Cold nights should not be fought with just a warm fire. Hence, it’s a great idea to layer your clothes while keeping in mind that it should be loose.

Don’t forget to stay away from the cotton since your under layer should always be a wool source. Cotton retains moisture reducing insulation making it harder for the body to deal with. Cotton is actually the leading source of hypothermia and even pneumonia. Synthetic wool is highly recommended if you’re venturing into the wilderness.

Emergency Survival Whistle

If ever you should get lost, you’re going to depend on that whistle around your neck. In most instances, a person’s voice isn’t able to travel as far as they might need it to. Blowing your emergency whistle will alert persons nearby. Plastic whistles are more recommended since they can float and are super lightweight.

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