Why Should You Use a Portable Toilet While Hunting?

I wasn’t familiar with portable hunting toilets until last year. I took on hunting as a hobby and started to sharpen my skills. Our early ancestors were hunters maybe that’s a contributing element for our interest towards hunting.

It’s an immersive feeling when you are out there hunting and feeling your surroundings but if nature calls and there’s no toilet nearby taking care of business becomes troublesome. Add to that the probability of having a strict no-waste policy. A portable toilet proves to be a crucial gear when you are hunting at places lacking camping facilities.

Why You Need It?

Sometimes a portable toilet can be a legal requirement rather than being a luxury for hunters. When you are hunting at a place that has ground that’s hard to dig a latrine or a pit, you’ll require a portable toilet. If you are a physically handicapped outdoorsman, a portable toilet will be a blessing for you.

So, What Is a Portable Toilet?

What Is a Portable Toilet

Portable toilets are toilets that can be used anywhere and anytime. Not literally though, you don’t want to take care of your business in front of a crowd. When you are hunting for long hours or a day or two the importance of the toilet reveals itself through various inconveniences.

Let’s discuss the benefits of having a portable toilet to further clarify the statement.

Transportation Facility

You can carry your toilet anywhere if it's portable. It doesn’t have to be limited to hunting purposes.


A portable toilet allows you to have extra headroom while hunting. It saves you time and energy while taking some load off of your shoulders. A portable toilet can be placed on any flat surface. If you no longer require to use a portable toilet you can use it as a traditional toilet. Just place it in a restroom until you require a portable one again.


Portable toilets provide an easy way to avail construction workers with bathroom facilities. People who are dealing with the aftermath of a natural disaster can also find this helpful. Even people in business require portable toilets from time to time.

Cost Efficiency

These toilets under many circumstances are the most affordable in case of people's accommodation. Many parks and public places may not be able to provide the means to build a permanent toilet and for them, a portable toilet may provide a cheaper alternative.

As a beginner hunter myself I have learned a lot in the previous two years through my hunting experience. While having a portable toilet is crucial don’t forget the other accessories that you might be needing. Here’s a checklist for a successful hunt and don’t forget to bring a towel with you. It’s an overlooked area for many hunters.

A decent towel will save you from tedious tasks. You can sneak a peek at Towel Reviewer to choose the right one for you.

Happy hunting!

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