What Height Bipod for Prone Shooting?

Selecting a bipod is no easy task, especially when you require the best for shooting. To pick the best bipod suitable for shooting purposes, a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. One of those essential factors is the height of the bipod.

The height of the bipod varies for a wide range of functions. It determines how effective successive shots will be. Besides, the height of a bipod is also a trait that signifies the optimum range of shooting. So, it should be kept in mind while purchasing a bipod.

What Is Prone Shooting?

Prone shooting is a steady shooting position and a relatively stable position for all shooters out there. The reason behind its stability is that the individual’s body stays closer to the ground level through this position.

Another important reason is that this position allows watching the target better than other positions. In most hunting situations, it is always a better option to consider the prone shooting position. The prone shooting position helps maintain maximum steadiness by fixing the target and providing stability to the shooter.


Since this position is such a stable position, a suitable height is required for such kind of shooting. The goal is to get the best bipod for long range shooting in terms of height.

Unless an appropriate height is reached, prone shooting can be accomplished properly. To achieve the best kind of prone shooting, selecting a suitable height holds greater importance.

Correct Height for Prone Shooting

Prone shooting requires a bipod height that is good enough to see the target from a distant view lying flat on the ground. Especially in this position, it might be too risky to miss a shot. Therefore, this position requires precise movement, and the bipod must be of excellent quality.

If you're solely looking for a bipod designed exclusively for prone shooting, 6-10 inches is the game-changer. With this height, you can easily fix the target and maintain a steady-state all the time.

But this height is restricted to the prone shooting. With this height, you cannot expect steep uphill shots or trying the sitting position. So, if you're looking for a bipod that will only serve your purpose of prone shooting, this height is the ultimate one.


A good pick in this height is the Harris 6-9 inches one. Besides, the HBLS - 9" to 13" with swivel also works wonders when trying out prone shooting.

Most shooters require all-purpose bipods for their variable uses. For example, hunters and professional shooters want bipods suitable to use for both prone shooting and sitting/kneeling shooting.

Height of 10-25 inches is the one you should consider for this purpose. HB25S - 12" to 25" with swivel is the ultimate choice for this range. However, stability for the prone shooting is quite less with this range of height.

While selecting a bipod for prone shooting, the height of the shooter must be taken into consideration as well — both the height of the shooter and ground-level matters when it comes to choosing bipods. A bipod of 9-13 inches will do the trick in most cases if the shooter's height is close to 5'7" and 5'9".

In this way, a suitable height bipod is chosen for prone shooting. For instance, the best bipod for ar15 is the Harris 6-9 inches due to suitable height and improved quality.

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Problems Due to the Wrong Height or Bipod

In case of prone shooting, bipods of wrong height can lead to certain mishaps. Some of the common problems faced are-

  • Erroneous shots may occur
  • Target may be missed
  • The stable position will not be maintained
  • Missed shots may result in injuries


Summing it up, it can be said that choosing the best bipod with a suitable height for prone shooting can be a difficult task. All the associated information regarding the shooter's height and the type of rifle used should be kept in mind.

Only then, a suitable height can be determined for a bipod to use in prone shooting. In most cases, buying a bipod of size 6-9 inches will help prone shooters reach absolute accuracy. Thus, buying a bipod for prone shooting will be easy.

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